Is TEXTILE ART female?

Stiff Upper Lip (60cm x 149cm)

Stiff Upper Lip
(60cm x 149cm)

Definitely! And here to prove it is ‘Happy todays?’ baby sister.

Baby ‘brother’ just did not feel right. Maybe because it is part of series that is about me, my emotional state and the calming influence of place? Maybe because I am tainted by the stereo type of textile art as a form of female expression? I would hope not but there is no denying that the wonderful textile / quilt community I am part of is predominantly female.  I wonder how male textile artists would label their work?


2 responses to “Is TEXTILE ART female?

  1. Would you be happy with ‘baby sibling?’! and if you regard yourself as an artist rather than a textile/quilt artist does doe start make you think of being part of a less female dominated world and make you more comfortable with ‘baby brother?’ Just wondering -all food for thought!
    Either way I like the piece a lot.


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