Bookcloth part 2

This time I used a lighter weight, more expensive Kiraku Kozo paper, again from Shephards. Being lighter weight meant it was more tricky getting the paper laid on top of the cloth. It’s a shame you can’t buy a second set of hands and keep them in a cupboard until you need them! But being lighter weight meant that it was easier to get good adhesion to the cloth. Again I followed instructions given in the Big Jump Press blog. Just like the piece made with Kozuke paper this piece was quite stiff when dried.

Recording my experiments!

Recording my experiments!

However I don’t think the stiffness is a problem. I used the first piece of bookcloth to make the outer cover of a ‘soft’ spine book following instructions on a DVD by Paige Martin called ‘Stitch this book’. As it was my first attempted I glued each piece of book board separately and placed these onto the book cloth. I had no issues with blisters or creases – it went together easily. My corners weren’t great but practice will make perfect.

I left the cover overnight to dry then added a liner made from the second piece of bookcloth. Again it was pretty easy and I now have a finished book cover! It’s been really enjoyable so will spend the rest of today making more bookcloth with the other two types of Kozo paper I have.  A nice way to spend my weekend off!

Completed book cover - outside

Completed book cover – outside

Completed cover - inside

Completed cover – inside


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