Last minute preparations ….

Tomorrow we will be hanging the next Etcetera exhibition at Ryedale Folk Museum and Art Gallery. I’ve spent a good hour this evening walking around in circles trying to check if I have everything we might need packed and ready for an early start. Yes I wrote a check list a couple of weeks ago and have been diligently ticking off items as I have collected them but that hasn’t stopped that slightly panicked feeling. After all it can’t hurt to have a back up screw driver for the back up screw driver can it? And will one hammer really be enough??

And of course there is always something that is last minute – in this case it was getting handouts printed. I had planned to get them printed, collected and prepared at the weekend but life hadn’t read my plan so now I’m sat folding 200 double sided A3 sheets in half. The things we do for our art!



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