More breakdown prints

One of the screens I use for my Ruins series has small rectangular windows permanently masked out using acrylic paint. It was a screen I originally used in my Hidden Message series. When I’m making other breakdown screens for Ruins I ‘roll off’ unused thickened dye onto this screen. I keep adding layers as I make and print more screens. The small screen often sits around for months until I decide it has enough dye on it. I then print through with thickened paste. And stand back and admire, lovely! Another method I use a lot for breakdown printing is using narrow strips of masking tape to create a wonky barcode on the screen. I then use a roller to spread thickened dye on top before leaving it to dry. Once dry I pull off the strips of masking tape and print through with paste. I love the way the lines breakdown and the colours blend as I continue to pull through!

First pull on wonky barcode screen



2 responses to “More breakdown prints

  1. Thanks Ariella. Unfortunately I’m not set up yet to bring students into my studio but hope to someday!


  2. When are you going to do a weekend course? Lovely break down print. Ariella


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