Time for a change

Storm 1 (Jagged) detail

Storm 1 (Jagged) detail

After several months of working on my Still / Storm series I am taking a break and focussing back on my Ruins series. But before I do here is a small preview of Storm 1 (Jagged) which I will be submitting to the SAQA Turmoil call for entry. I’ll dedicate this one to Linda Bilsborrow who had requested a ‘spikey’ one – hope you like it Linda!

The first thing I need to do with my Ruins series is print more fabric. I love this series because nearly all the fabrics are created using breakdown printing. The photo below shows the screen I set up yesterday. The metal plates have been used so many times that some have become rusty. The rust actually prints off leaving unintended flashes of rust orange on the fabric. Lovely! They also leave bits of rust on the screen but that is a small price to pay.

Breakdown printing screen

Breakdown printing screen



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