A slight detour …

Don’t you just hate it when you have a whole bunch of stuff planned and that vital bit of equipment breaks down. In the case of my PC ‘deader than a dodo’ aptly describes it’s current state. Very, very frustrating. Thankfully I also have an ipad so was able to research and order a replacement really quickly (John Lewis are life savers!). I back up all of my ‘art’ stuff  weekly so have only lost a few bits and bobs but I have lost hours of studio time setting things up again.  As I said very, very frustrating.

I was photographing two pieces and getting ready to submit them to the SAQA call for entry ‘Tranquility’ when calamity struck. The call ends on January 31st so I still have plenty of time. One thing that I haven’t had chance to decide is whether I should show full images of the pieces on this blog. I checked with the organiser and there is no rule that says you can’t but I’m just not sure what is ‘good’ practice. So while I think here is a photo of the back of Still 4 (still needs a label and hanging sleeves). I really like the back. I like the front even more!

The back of Still 4

The back of Still 4



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