Wall of Fabric!

Palette of fabrics ready to use in Still / Storm compositions

Palette of fabrics ready to use in Still / Storm compositions

After several weeks at the bench I am now happy with my collection of fabrics. Some are beautiful in their own right and some will be beautiful when cut into strips. The majority of the 18 square metres of fabric will be used to make ‘Still’ pieces but I’ve included some darker fabrics to get me thinking more about ‘Storm’ pieces. I love pinning them to my design board – so much more fulfilling than having a neatly stacked pile!

Doubtless I will discover that I am missing a vital combination of colour and line. But for now I have finished with ‘wet’ process. So I have given the studio a really good clean (including cleaning windows!) – why do I like cleaning my studio more than my house? For that matter why do I love ironing my printed fabrics but hate ironing clothes? I suspect some of you know the answer!


2 responses to “Wall of Fabric!

  1. Good question. I’d like to say it is because I’m brilliant! Or something about beauty and the eye of the beholder. But truth is that I’ve spent months getting to the point where I know what ‘works’. Well works for me! And no, none of these pieces were made using the plastic splatter brush (it made rubbish lines). A lot of the pieces were made from a soya wax screen made using a hay dish scrubber. Maybe I should do a post on making art with weird household objects?


  2. I am interested… How do you distinguish between beautiful in themselves and beautiful to cut into? And what tools have you been using to get these lines? Did that nameless thingummyjig that you picked up in Fred Aldous and looked like a matcha tea whisk get used yet?!


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