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It’s nearly here … Festival of Quilts

Ruins 4 detail (work in progress!)

Ruins 4 detail
(work in progress!)

With less than a week to go I am getting very excited about Festival of Quilts!

I have two pieces showing this year. Ruins 1 was shortlisted for Fine Art Quilt Masters. The Festival website has photos of all the shortlisted pieces. No names are listed yet although some pieces are very recognizable. I am totally overwhelmed to be showing alongside some of my favourite art quilters. I cannot wait to see Ruins and suspect I might shed a tear or two!

I also have a piece, After Images, in the CQ Elements gallery. The standard of entrants in previous years has always been very high so I’m really looking forward to seeing all the other pieces.

I will only have 1 day at Festival this year so I will need to be selective about what I try to see – there are simply too many galleries and competition quilts to see in one day. Top of my list are the Christine Chester gallery, the Quilts 30 gallery and the Through Our Hands gallery. And, of course, I will need to save time to visit the traders!

In preparation for Festival I have spent some time updating my website. I have given the Ruins series it’s own page. With 3 pieces completed, 1 at the stitching stage and one on the design wall this series has well and truly arrived. And I couldn’t be happier with it – it feels like I have found my voice!



Just a quick note …

Life doesn’t always follow a straight path and it has thrown a real curve ball at my family over the last couple of weeks. I’ve escaped into my studio for the odd 30 minutes as being in that calm, wonderful space has recharged my batteries better than a nap! I’ve made slow progress on the next Ruins piece but that is all. I did however get one piece of good news – my After Images quilt has been accepted into the Contemporary Quilt Group ‘Elements’ gallery at Festival of Quilts next month. I’m really looking forward to seeing this exhibition as the subject ‘Element’ is open to so many interpretations.